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I will compose relaxing instrumental piano music
5.0 (2)
fixed Rate USD 10.00

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If you want a good quality product, this is your guy. He gave me exactly what I wanted on the first try, which lets me know he actually listened to my references and did his homework. Would definitely recommend and use again!
There are literally no words with which to actually describe this man's immaculate work. He has talent unlike any I have ever seen. It's as if he was in my mind the whole time, reading my hums and bringing them to life through various instruments. The detail and passion he puts behind his work are worth just simply experiencing. Trust me, he will not let you down. Whether it's your very own theme or a mix of your favorite songs, this artist can certainly deliver. He is one in an infinite. I'll be sure to come back soon for the Sci-Fi version of my piece!